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Jason {+} Kristal | OKC Wedding Video | The Manor at Coffee Creek

Jason and Kristal were married on September 4, 2016 at The Manor At Coffee Creek.  From the moment we met Kristal, we knew this wedding would be so cute and fun. First of all, The Manor at Coffee Creek is absolutely stunning. Put that with Kristal's amazing style, and you have the recipe for a great wedding!

Jason and Kristal met at work in 2010. Jason lived in Tulsa and Kristal in OKC. They met because Jason had to fill out some paperwork. They talked, and that was it. A year or so later, Jason went to the office Christmas party (only to flirt with Kristal, he says). They shared their first kiss at Dave and Busters, that day.

Kristal was initially attracted to Jason's smile, but over time, she fell in love with the love he has for his daughter, Georgia. "I know he loves me just the same- unconditionally."
Jason was attracted to Kristal's personality and smile, but he fell in love with the way she cares for her family, friends, him and especially Georgia. "She's an extremely thoughtful & loving person."

Jason and Kristal went to visit her mom and stepdad in Vero Beach, FL in April 2015. They visited the beach on the 23rd, and Jason and Kristal took a walk. When they came back, there was a big heart drawn in the sand, and her parents were there. Jason hopped into the heart and proposed.

When Kristal started planning their wedding, Kristal was inspired by a Secret Garden theme. She chose Navy, merlot, blush and copper for her colors. She worked with Tammie at the Manor at Coffee Creek to create a day with lots of greenery and flowers that reflected the romantic, intimate and meaningful atmosphere.

Kristal's advice to other brides is "try and stay focused on what this day is really about- you and the person you are about to marry."

Jason & Kristal's wedding was an absolute blast. They make the sweetest family, and we hope you enjoy their video.

Kristal's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Modern Love
Venue: The Manor at Coffee Creek
Hair Stylist: Casey Wolfgang
Make Up Artist: Lilly Stone with Sooo Lilly
Florist: XO Events & Designs
Cake: Uptown Grocery
Catering: Running Wild Catering
DJ, Lighting, & Photobooth: 405 Productions
Vintage Rentals: Ruby's Vintage RentalsGetaway Car: Getaway Cars- Connor Harris
Dress: Prescott Bridal
Bridesmaids' Dresses: Prim

Alex {+} Amanda | Yukon Wedding Video | Covenant Community Church

Alex and Amanda were married on August 6, 2016 at Covenant Community Church. A reception followed at their family farm. We really enjoyed getting to know Alex and Amanda. Their love for each other is so apparent.

Amanda and Alex met as sophomores in high school. They had all their classes together, and quickly became friends. They were friends for a while and then began dating.

Their long friendship, deep respect and caring for each other is what made them fall in love. Alex proposed to Amanda at her favorite fishing spot. He put the ring in the tackle box!

See more of their love story here:

Amanda wanted to capture their love for being outdoors in her wedding, with a rustic elegance feel for the whole day. She wanted her guests to have a good time celebrating with her and Alex. She was inspired by her colors: yellow, peach, off white, with lots of greenery.

Amanda's advice to other bride's planning their wedding is to enjoy everything, from the bigger, stressful things, to the small details. "It's easier said than done, but it is such a precious time." Amanda's mom was instrumental in making her big day a reality, but if she had everything to do over again, she would have hired a planner to take that stress off of her mom.

Be sure to check out the amazing reception details and the setting! Their family land was amazing, and they transformed their farm into a beautiful outdoor reception. (Also, don't miss the AWESOME car they came to reception in!)

Alex and Amanda were so much fun to get to know, and work with. We hope you enjoy their wedding video!

Amanda's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Jordan Mobley
Venue: Covenant Community Church; Private Property
Hair Stylist: Katie Cook
Make Up Artist: Taylor Marcum
Florist: Jan Edwards
Caterer: Earl's Rib Palace
Rentals: Lexi's Rentals
Bill Veazey's
Peerless Tent & Event
Rolling Thrones
Linens: Commercial Linen
DJ & Lighting: Banks Entertainment
Cake: Ann Robinson
Dress: David's Bridal 
Popcorn Bar: Kernels & Kandies

Jason {+} Mary | OKC Wedding Video | Skirvin Hilton Hotel

Jason and Mary were married on July 30th, 2016 at the Skirvin Hilton hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. When we met Mary, we knew this wedding would be amazing. The beauty of the Skirvin is unmatched, and Mary, Jason and their friends and family were so much fun to be around

Jason and Mary met in 2008 while they both worked at Office Depot. Their paths crossed many times, but they never really talked. Mary was drawn to Jason for his warm smile and his charm. Jason couldn't help thinking Mary was cute and he wanted to make a move, but Mary only wanted to be friends. Jason respected that she wanted to be friends and left it at that.

When Mary left Office Depot, she and Jason didn't keep in touch. In 2012, they reconnected on social media and sparked a virtual friendship. Mary thought Jason just wanted to catch up, but Jason wanted to get Mary's number. He told her he didn't want to talk about his employment online!

In September 2012, Jason posted about his participation in Baker St. Idol, a karaoke contest at Baker St. Pub. Mary just had to find out if Jason was as good as he claimed to be! For the next 8 weeks, Mary was a regular at Jason's show.

Mary fell in love with Jason because he always wrapped his love and arms around me despite what life was throwing at me or us as a unit. He was the first man I've dated to challenged me and loved me beyond the stars. He made me feel like a queen even during my bad days. He would chuckle at my not so funny jokes (cliche but it's true). Their love grew when he embraced Mary's Asian culture and wanted to know and understand it more.

After 2 years of dating, things got more serious for Mary and Jason. They began to mature, and they were learning to lean on each other more for support. On August 13th, 2015, Jason told Mary he wanted to take her on a nice date to celebrate their 2.5 year anniversary. Mary agreed, of course! Because it was the first game of the pre-season for Jason's favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, Mary suggested they eat at Buffalo Wild Wings so he could watch the game. Jason wouldn't have it. So, instead, Mary chose the Cheesecake Factory. During dinner, Jason was paying more attention to his phone than normal, and Mary caught on. Jason just claimed his friends were texting him about the game, but he was really texting their friends and family about the proposal!

After about an hour, Mary was getting frustrated at Jason, and him not paying attention to her. She had finished eating, and he hadn't eaten anything. She was ready to go home, but he insisted they order dessert (to delay their dinner). Not one to normally order dessert, Mary indulged. On the way home, Jason took a detour. She thought it was to avoid traffic, but really it was to stall longer so her friends and family could get set. Jason took another detour to his dad's house, and said he needed to pick up a package. He went inside and returned with a look of shock on his face. He told Mary his dad was very upset and needed to talk to someone, and they needed to go inside. Mary went inside to find her closest friend and family waiting, and Jason proposed. She said yes, of course!

When Mary began to plan their wedding, Mary envisioned a night of elegance and fun. They had family and friends come from all over the world, and wanted to spend a night of love and laughter with all of them. She wanted the decor to be elegant, but not over the top. She selected elegant flowers, subtle up lighting, and floating candles. She wanted a fun atmosphere too, so she made sure to include a great DJ and a fun photo booth!

Mary's advice to brides planning their day is to start early! If time allows, start early so you have time to build a great team around you. A great team (outside your bridal party) will be a HUGE part to making your day great and all you wanted. Remember, it's YOUR DAY! Everyone moves when you say move. You will have pre-created timelines and points to be at or with, however if it doesn't happened on the time you scheduled on, its okay. Its' YOUR DAY! Everyone can wait for the bride! 

We have loved getting to know Jason and Mary, and getting to capture their big day. We hope you enjoy their video!

Mary's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: From Britt's Eye View Photography
Venue & Caterer: Skirvin Hilton Hotel
Coordinator: Leslie Herring Events
DJ: DJ Ryno- Ryan Waldrop
Hair Stylist: Trichology Salon
Make Up Artist: Imogene Dent
Florist: Uptown Grocery
Lighting: PSAV
Cake: Cake Designs By Ty
Dress: David's Bridal
Photo Booth: Smile Time Photo Booth

Jamin {+} Kaylee | OKC Wedding Video | Crossing Community Church

Kaylee and Jamin were married on July 16, 2016 at Crossings Community Church. A reception followed at Southwest Christian University. Jamin and Kaylee had us laughing from the moment we met them. It's so obvious these two have so much fun together, all the time.

Kaylee and Jamin met at Southwest Christian University, but they really became friends on a mission trip to Guatemala. The girls on the trip needed to be accompanied into town by a guy, so when Kaylee went to the market, she took her "bartering buddy" with her, Jamin. 2 years go by and they both were working for Residence Life at Southwest Christian, so they were spending more time together. Kaylee fell in love with Jamin's loving personaility and his ability to make every situation more fun. Jamin was drawn to Kaylee because of her values and what she stood for.

Jamin proposed on October 20, 2015. It was Kaylee's parent's 26th wedding anniversary and Kaylee and her mom planned, cleaned and cooked for their "anniversary party." As it turns out, Jamin set the whole thing up to propose to Kaylee! He took Kaylee into her backyard where all her family and friends were waiting. He read her a poem he had written about wanting to spend their lives together and then popped the question. Of course, she said yes

When Kaylee started planning their wedding, she didn't want to look back in 20 years and ask wonder "What was I thinking?" with her decor and color choices. So, she wanted to choose timeless ideas. In addition to that, she wanted the whole day to be God-honoring and a whole lot of fun!

Kaylee said that she would tell a future bride to find the things that you absolutely cannot compromise on and plan those things first. Then, accommodate the other ideas (and the rest of your budget) around those things. Kaylee also said try to cherish the moments in your engagement!

So many of Jamin and Kaylee's friends and family are so musical! So look for all the special musical moments during the video- there's one in the ceremony, and then her mom sings a song to Kaylee and Jamin during the reception too!

We have loved getting to know Kaylee and Jamin, and getting to capture their big day. We hope you enjoy their video!

Kaylee's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Smiles Captured by Wendy
Venue: Crossings Community Church
Hair Stylist: Natalie Willard at Thairapy Salon
Caterer: Uptown Grocery
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas