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Waddle – Next Day Teaser

Another BEAUTIFUL wedding. We have been so blessed to shoot in such great locations. Today was no exception, shooting with the Waddles at First Church in Downtown OKC. Here is a quick peek at their day. I can't wait to get this one fully edited.

Marand Wedding – Drone Preview

We had such a great time tonight shooting Daniel and Morgan Marand. They are a beautiful couple, and I actually see a lot of myself in Daniel. I remember going through the exact same things when Jesica and I got married. It was a lovely day, and an absolutely beautiful venue. As nice as it looked from the ground, you can't beat the view from above.

McCown Wedding – Whip and Nae Nae

You have heard of Kids Say The Darnedest Things. Well here is kids DO the darnedest things. We had a great time tonight shooting the McCown wedding at IAO, and kids always bring an extra element of fun and cuteness to a reception. Watch this kid rock out the Whip and Nae Nae.