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Shawn {+} Esha | Norman Wedding Video | Cobblestone Creek Golf Club

Shawn & Esha were married on October 9, 2016 at Cobblestone Creek Golf Club.  Shawn and Esha have to be the sweetest couple we've had the honor of working with. Their wedding was such a treat.

Esha and Shawn met studying in the library while they both attended OBU. Esha was drawn to Shawn because he makes her feel safe. She said "I know I'll always be taken care of, and I'll never be alone."

Shawn proposed to Esha on Christmas Eve, her favorite day of the year. He manged to convince her that he wouldn't ever propose during the Christmas season, because it would be too obvious. Then, he surprised her with a magical proposal with her whole family there.

Esha used maroon and gold tones, and dreamed of a day that would be emotional, beautiful and would glorify the Lord. She drew on fall colors to bring everything together.

Her biggest advice to other brides is "Don't stress!"

Be sure to listen for Shawn & Esha talking about their love for each other during their video!

Esha's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Photography on the Fritz
Venue & Coordination: Cobblestone Creek Golf Club
Cake: Sam's Club
DJ: DJ Venz

Brian {+} Jacqulin | OKC Wedding Video | Manor at Coffee Creek

Rucker - Highlight from Slow Fade Media and Weddings on Vimeo.

Brian and Jacqulin were married on October 1, 2016 at the Manor at Coffee Creek.  Brian and Jacqulin are such fun people, we knew this wedding would be one big celebration!

Brian and Jacqulin met at Cowboy's one night. They each were brought out by friends and their parties were ended up sitting next to each other. They got to talking, and by the end of the night, their groups had become one big group. Brian and Jacqulin knew they wanted to spend more time together.

After getting to know each other, over time, they knew they were soul mates. Jacqulin can't describe it.

Brian proposed to Jacqulin in their back yard in a very intimate and special moment.

For more of Jacqulin and Brian's love story, watch their love story video:

Brian and Jacqulin wanted their wedding to display both of their personalities. They chose navy & champagne tones, and accented with bold, fancy fabrics, cedar plans and antlers.

Most of all, they wanted their wedding to be one big celebration, and it was! Everyone danced the night away and had a great time.

Jacqulin's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Ashley O Photography
Venue & Coordination: The Manor At Coffee Creek
Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Premier Beauty Bar
Florist: Yukon Flowers & Gifts
Cake: Elisa Sparks
Catering: Ned's Catering
DJ: 405 Productions
Bartender: Rachel SilverIce Sculpture: Vault Ice

Logan {+} Kate | OKC Wedding Video | Coles Garden

Logan and Kate were married on September 10, 2016 at Coles Garden.  From the moment we met Kate, we knew their wedding would be stunning.

Logan and Kate have known each other a long time. Logan and Kate's younger sister are best friends. Kate always saw him as her sister's friends and that's it. They lost touch over the years, and when they reconnected over the years, Kate saw him in a completely different light.

Kate fell in love with Logan because he balances her out. "I'm completely type A who has to have order and stresses about the little things. Logan is very happy go lucky and can always make me laugh, no matter the situation."

After they reconnected, it wasn't long before Kate stopped seeing Logan as my little sister's best friend and started seeing him in a romantic light. A few months later, on September 25th, 2014, Logan handed me a brown paper bag with this poem written on it:"Inside this bag is your favorite wine, but before you can have it I want to know if you'll be mine?"Of course Kate said "YES!" and officially became Logan's 'girlfriend.' It only took a few months for me to realize that this man was something special and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

On November 21, 2015, they were in Norman tailgating for the OU vs. TCU football game when Logan led Kate to the side and handed her a brown paper bag. It was the same one he had used to ask her to be his girlfriend with the addition of one word at the bottom: "...Forever?"

Logan and Kate love to hunt and be outdoors, but Kate has a girly side also, so she wanted to bring both sides out in her decor. So she chose navy, blush, dusty blue, ivory and gold as her colors, and was inspired by a rustic chic theme. She wanted lots of antlers, flowers and lanterns everywhere.

Kate said her advice to other brides is "don't listen to anyone else! Everyone will have opinions on how it should go. Don't pay attention, and make your day what you want it to be."

Kate and Logan's wedding was absolutely stunning. Be sure to check out the amazing sunset portrait session they had!

Kate's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Brianna Record Photography
Venue & Coordination: Coles Garden (Christin Hill coordinating)
Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Lexi Faught
Florist: ADM Designs
Cake: Andrea Howard Cakes
Catering: C2 Catering
DJ: M&M Productions
Lighting: IES

Austin {+} Makala | Western OK Wedding Video | Putnam School Gym

Austin and Makala were married on September 17, 2016 at the Putnam School Gym in Putnam, OK.  From the moment we met Austin & Makala, we knew this wedding would be really fun!

Austin & Makala met during a poker game! They were both working at restaurants, and went to a Monday night poker game at a mutual friend's house. "We like to joke that I took his money then, and now I'm taking his money and last name!"

Makala fell in love with Austin because he can make anyone's day. She says "I've always loved being around people who are funny, as I am not. That was a huge attraction for me." What really made her fall in love though, was when Austin sent her song lyrics to explain his feelings for her. She loves music and writing notes, so she was hooked!

In December of 2015, Makala was graduating nursing school. Austin, her family, & his family were all coming to celebrate her accomplishment. What she didn't know was that Austin had a little celebration of his own planned! While the pinning ceremony was going on, Austin got down on one knee and proposed in front of 250 people! They ended the night celebrating with dinner, dancing and a great celebration with all their family and friends.

When Makala started planning their wedding, she wanted a fun, classic, elegant atmosphere, that was full of love. She chose peach, coral and gold tones to use to bring out her vision.

Makala says she couldn't have planned such a perfect day without her mom's help. Find people around you that you trust to help you get organized and stay on track!

Austin & Makala's wedding was so much fun. Don't miss the incredible scenery around their venue, as well as all the fun two stepping that happened at the reception!

Makala's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Chris Moranchel Photography
Venue & Coordination: Putnam School Gym
Hair Stylist: Sierra Robertson
Make Up Artist: Brittany McCray
Florist: Anita Donley
Cake: Cakes by Crystal
Catering: Bobbi Jo Perron
DJ: Jim Howard