Matt {+} Kayla | Oklahoma City Wedding Video | Milam Castle

Matt & Kayla Patten were married on March 24, 2018 at Milam Castle in Oklahoma City, OK.

Matt and Kayla knew each other in high school, but Kayla HATED Matt then! Fast forward several years, Kayla was out at a bar with her friend Makayla. This comes around to everyone shaking hands saying "Hi, my names Tyler." Well, it was Matt! Kayla looked him right in the eye and said, "No, you are Matt Patten, and you sister is Megan Patten." He looked at her like he was BUSTED! From that day, he tried for several weeks to contact Kayla. Facebook, texting, everything. Kayla just kept blowing him off. She ignored him, made lame excuses, nothing worked! Pretty soon his persistence paid off, she finally agreed to meet up and have dinner and go to the gun range.

From their first date, Matt and Kayla have been inseparable. Kayla fell for Matt because he's so caring and loving. "He's truly my best friend, and I couldn't imagine life without him. He compliments me in so many ways. He also is the greatest cook in the world!"

Kayla's best friend, Taylor, is a photographer. Taylor reached out to Kayla and asked to take some pictures of her and Matt to promote her Christmas mini-sessions for 2016. Taylor had a campfire theme all planned out. Kayla tells Matt about it, and he's game! In a few weeks, Kayla rushes home to get ready for pictures, and they are running behind. When they arrive where the photos are being taken, Taylor is running behind too (she's actually trying to stall so her mom can video the moment!). Once the shoot finally starts, she poses Matt and Kayla a couple times, then to Kayla's surprise, Matt is down on one knee!

When it came time to plan her wedding day, Kayla wanted simple elegance. She chose hints of navy and slate grey with all white flowers. She wanted her day to reflect feelings of fun, excitement, happy tears, and be classy and beautiful.

Her advice to other brides was "Remember it is about 2 people becoming 1. No matter how stressful the planning process gets, always remember who you are doing this for."

Kayla's vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings
Photography: Katie Hadley
Venue: Milam Castle
Coordinator: Teena Milam of Milam Castle
Florist: Medieval Garden Florist
Cake: Amber Snook
Donuts: Browns Bakery
DJ: Life of the Party
Wedding Favors: Coozies

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