Austin {+} Makala | Western OK Wedding Video | Putnam School Gym

Austin and Makala were married on September 17, 2016 at the Putnam School Gym in Putnam, OK.  From the moment we met Austin & Makala, we knew this wedding would be really fun!

Austin & Makala met during a poker game! They were both working at restaurants, and went to a Monday night poker game at a mutual friend's house. "We like to joke that I took his money then, and now I'm taking his money and last name!"

Makala fell in love with Austin because he can make anyone's day. She says "I've always loved being around people who are funny, as I am not. That was a huge attraction for me." What really made her fall in love though, was when Austin sent her song lyrics to explain his feelings for her. She loves music and writing notes, so she was hooked!

In December of 2015, Makala was graduating nursing school. Austin, her family, & his family were all coming to celebrate her accomplishment. What she didn't know was that Austin had a little celebration of his own planned! While the pinning ceremony was going on, Austin got down on one knee and proposed in front of 250 people! They ended the night celebrating with dinner, dancing and a great celebration with all their family and friends.

When Makala started planning their wedding, she wanted a fun, classic, elegant atmosphere, that was full of love. She chose peach, coral and gold tones to use to bring out her vision.

Makala says she couldn't have planned such a perfect day without her mom's help. Find people around you that you trust to help you get organized and stay on track!

Austin & Makala's wedding was so much fun. Don't miss the incredible scenery around their venue, as well as all the fun two stepping that happened at the reception!

Makala's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings 
Photography: Chris Moranchel Photography
Venue & Coordination: Putnam School Gym
Hair Stylist: Sierra Robertson
Make Up Artist: Brittany McCray
Florist: Anita Donley
Cake: Cakes by Crystal
Catering: Bobbi Jo Perron
DJ: Jim Howard

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