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Jake and Megan were married on June 10, 2017 at his family's home in Catoosa, OK. Jake and Megan are made for each other. Their love for each other and for God is so apparent.

Megan and Jake met when they were freshman in college. She played softball for Southern Nazarene University. He played baseball at Mid America Christian University. They had many mutual friends, and their paths had crossed through sports, but had never truly met or gotten to know each other.
Jake and Megan's birthdays are 2 days apart, and their 19th birthday celebrations happened to be at the same location. Megan's cousin was attending Jake's party, when he suggested Megan and her friends combine their celebration with Jake's. They made eye contact and flirted a little that night, but the night ended in a sweet "Happy Birthday."
For a month after their first meeting, Jake asked Megan on date after date. But, Megan always had a reason why she wouldn't be able to make it. Finally, she agreed to go out with him, and their first date was April 29, 2013. Jake picked her up after her morning classes and took her to Raising Cane's for lunch. They talked, and enjoyed each other's company. The date was cut short because they both had to get back to school for their respective sports practices. But, after practice, Jake and Megan went out again. They shared snow cones on the tailgate of his truck while watching the sunset. Megan says "While lost in laughter and conversation this was the night I knew Jake was going to be around for a while. It was that night that I regretted not going on a date sooner. Jake was everything & more that I prayed for in a man. He was charming, handsome, witty, full of cute smirks, godly, respectful, he was simply wonderful. Falling for him was so easy + loving him was so simple."

Megan fell for Jake's selflessness. She says "As I met Jake's family and friends, I listened to them share their favorite memories of Jake. Usually, they begin with Jake being ornery or pulling a prank, but there was so much more to him. Every person would talk about how Jake cares for others, how he was present in their life at a difficult time, or how he keeps up with their life after weeks of not talking." Megan and Jake have been together just over 4 years, before their wedding day, and Jake has continuously put God first in their relationship. Megan loves that he doesn't need material things, he would rather see his friends and family happy and well.

Jake proposed to Megan on May 7, 2016. Jake's family had come to Oklahoma City to celebrate his college graduation. All of Megan's family came up from Norman to celebrate Jake as well. Being so family focused, having everyone there was special for both Jake and Megan. After the graduation ceremony, there was a party for Jake. Jake opened all his cards and gifts, and his grandfather asked everyone to go outside for a group picture. As everyone gathered, Jake's mom suggested Megan stand in the middle with Jake. As she approached him, she noticed "Marry Me" by Train playing in the background. She hands started to shake, her heart was racing, and her eyes began to fill with tears. Jake took her hand, and got down on one knee. Megan said yes, jumped into Jake's arms, and the rest is history! Meg says "Jake made his day, our day. He continues to make his dreams, our dreams and is now making his life, our life. I am so ready for a lifetime of marriage with this sweet man!"

Megan wanted a romantic, dreamy, elegant day filled with love, fun and celebration with the people they love. She used teal, soft pink and gold tones to bring her vision to life. Megan said "I pray my wedding is a day that feels like a glimpse of heaven, filled with that much love and happiness in the air. I picture a ceremony that as I walk down the aisle I am completely breath taken by the love and support J and I will have in our sweet marriage, we are truly blessed. I imagine seeing the arch in front of the green woods, decorated with bright flowers a chandelier hanging, surrounded by our dearest friends, and then my handsome J waiting for me. I picture shaky hands, tear filled eyes, and teary words as we say our vows. I see simple elegance with soft pinks, teal and gold. I picture our unity being intimate in Christ. I envision a day that screams love; through our smiles, our eyes, our words, our family and friends. I envision an abundant amount of love."

Megan want other bride's planning their day to get caught up in it, enjoy it! Don't focus on what other people are doing. "Be consumed by your story, your love, your marriage. Don't worry what other people have done or are doing. This is your moment and it is going to be absolutely beautiful! Choose people in your bridal party who want to celebrate your marriage now and in twenty, thirty, forty years. This is your foundation of support for the future. Do not stress the small moments or hurt feelings, because ultimately it is your day and you should enjoy every moment of it from the engagement to the wedding day. This is such a special and exciting time in life; embrace, indulge, and be consumed in YOUR wedding, your love for one another, and your marriage. Your wedding is going to be a dream."

Megan's Vendors:
Videography: Slow Fade Weddings
Photography: Patricia P Photography
Venue: Private Residence
DJ: Banks Entertainment
Hair: Joanie Andoe, Andoe Salon
Make Up: Faccia Bella
Rentals: Party Perfect Event Rentals
Margarita Machines: Frozen Drinks R Us
Caterer: Denise Mann
Cake: Mendy Sparks

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